We’re Steve & Amanda a couple of newlyweds about to embark on an adventure over the next year (and beyond?!) around the U.S. and the world. We started this blog to share our journey with everyone, and hopefully inspire you to go on an adventure of your own!

When Steve and I first got engaged, the first thing I started to plan was not our wedding, but our Honeymoon. I couldn’t wait to find great restaurants and places to go and see. I spent over a year researching and looking at reviews and gaining as much knowledge as possible to try to make our honeymoon the best it could be. I joked with a coworker and said “Wow, I can write up a two page guide and save someone a year of research and they would have the best vacation” and he responded “I would want the guide”. It made me think, people save for years for a trip of a lifetime and all they want is to make the right choices, to go to the right places, to enjoy their trip. I wanted to help people travel better and have the best trip every single time.

On my time off I am constantly looking up different places to go, new restaurants to try, and ways to find deals for trips. I have traveled all over (thanks Mom and Dad) since I was a baby and since meeting Steve I converted him over to the the wonders of traveling. We have started our journeys around the world together and we are hooked. With Steve’s technology expertise, my love for research and a good deal, and both our drive to share all we can with others, Wanderlust For Two came about.

We like to stay at hotels, Airbnb’s, and bed and breakfast’s. Unfortunately, hostels are out of the question for me (that movie REALLY freaked me out…). We are explorers, you can find us on a tour or aimlessly walking around with a map. We are adventures, you can find us on a hot air balloon or snorkeling with sharks. We are foodies, you can find us eating locally at food markets and street stands and going to nice restaurants.

We don’t travel full time, but believe that you can make traveling work for you multiple times a year if you save and research well enough. We are budget travelers. We do like nice things and going to nice restaurants and hotels, but not every time. Other times we would rather stay at a cheaper hotel or a bed and breakfast, eat cheaper, and do more things.

We want our blog to have a tone of a friend. One where you are asking your friends “Hey what did you think of this place?” and you get a real down to earth truthful opinion. We also want to provide factual information on places so that you can make your own opinions and have your own experiences. We hope to help you learn from our mistakes, travel more and better, eat at great places, and have extraordinary travel experiences and memories.

Thanks for stopping by!

Amanda & Steve