Hiking up the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood BLVD

We decided we wanted to take a day trip  to Hollywood. We knew that there is so much  to see and do, but we only had one day, so this time around we decided to do some hiking and see the Hollywood sign.

Before we began our one day itinerary for the Hollywood sign, I looked up some fun facts about Hollywood and the sign! Hollywood is an area of Los Angeles, made famous by the film industry. The film industry has been in Hollywood since the 1910’s and has grown as a major tourist attraction since the 1950’s. The Hollywood sign was built in 1923, originally spelling out “Hollywoodland”. In 1949 the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the City of Los Angeles’ Parks Department worked to repair and rebuild the deteriorating sign. As part of the contract it stipulated the removal of “land” so it just read “Hollywood” so it would reflect the whole neighborhood, and not just the Hollywoodland housing development. Since then there has been numerous projects and celebrity sponsors helping to keep the sign in good condition! The more you know!

Our first stop was hiking up the sign. With lots of research we decided to start at this address: 3400 N Beachwood Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068 for our Hollyridge trail hike. There isn’t any designated parking, so you need to park on the street. We parked about a 1/2 mile from the trail. Be aware that there are lots of no parking signs, so make sure you read the signs and don’t block anyone’s driveway.

hollywood sign hike

Picture I took of the Hollywood sign in the car while Stephen looked for parking on Beachwood Drive.


There are 3 big trails to getting to the top of the Hollywood sign:
  • Brush Canyon Trail – 6.4 miles round trip with 1,100 feet of elevation gain
  • Hollyridge Trail – 3.5 miles round trip with 750 feet of elevation gain
  • Wonder View Trail – 3 miles round trip with 925 feet of elevation gain

We found this blog post really helpful when we were deciding which trail to take

The Wonder View Trail, though it’s the shortest, is the most challenging because of the quick elevation gain and its rough trail. The upside is that it is the least crowded! The Bush Canyon Trail, is the longest route with the highest elevation gain, it’s a long, all day, hike. We opted for the easiest way up to the Hollywood sign with the Hollyridge Trail. (If you choose one of the other two hikes, they have different starting locations!)

It was about 66 degrees when we hiked, it was warm hiking up and cooler on the way down. I dressed in layers and was thankful for that! (Steve forgot to wear a t-shirt under his sweatshirt so he was not thankful for that 🙁 ) The hike took us 3 hours total, we took our time on the hike and we spent some time just taking in the scenery.

  • On our way up to the Hollywood sign

    On our way up to the Hollywood sign

  • hollywood sign hike

    Getting closer to the Hollywood sign!

  • hiking the hollywood sign

    Behind the Hollywood Sign after our hike to the Hollywood sign


After the Hike

After the hike it was pretty late in the afternoon and we were getting hungry. We went to Fat Sals for lunch and it was AMAZING! It’s located at 1300 Highland St Los Angeles 90028. There was a long wait but the sandwiches and spiced fries were delicious.  We left around 3:30pm  and headed to Griffith Observatory to see the sunset. It was Saturday night and there were LOTS of people, give yourself time to park if you want to see the sunset, we cut it pretty close at getting to the Observatory around 4:30-4:45pm. Griffith Park is beautiful, lots to see and do there, we only went up to the Observatory but there is a day’s worth of things to do there.

Griffith Observatory at Sunset

Griffith Observatory at Sunset


At 7pm you can look into the big telescope, we didn’t stay that long, but it looks really awesome (We’re hoping to get back there before we leave California).

One of the big telescopes a the Griffith Oberservatory

One of the big telescopes a the Griffith Oberservatory


We lucked out that the Los Angeles Astronomical society was there, they had their telescopes out and we could see the moon. It was really awesome, they only go out one time a month when the half moon is out.

looking through a telescope at Griffith Oberservatory

Amanda looking through a telescope at Griffith Oberservatory


After that we went to Hollywood blvd, we didn’t want to do much site seeing around there because we are waiting for when friends come to do that, but we went to the Chinese Theatre and walked and looked at the stars on Hollywood Blvd. We ended the night at Dave and Busters to have a few drinks, play some games, and ate at an awesome Ramen place in the complex next to Dave and Busters!

Bob hope star on hollywood blvd.

Steve took this picture for his Grandmother


Overall we had a great day and saw exactly what we wanted, the Hollywood sign and awesome views. Have you taken the other hike route? Where is your favorite hollywood sign locations? Let us know below!