About Amanda & Steve

We are Steve and Amanda Q , Mid (lateish) twenty newlyweds who met at Drexel University in Philadelphia PA. Steve is originally from a small town in PA.  Amanda is originally from Long Island, NY, moved to Philadelphia, PA where she went to undergrad and graduate school to be an occupational therapist. Steve went to school for Finance & International business, he taught himself how to code, and now works for a startup wearing many different hats on a daily basis.


We both share the love of travel, immersing ourselves in new cultures, exploring new areas, and eating and drinking our way through different places. We loved traveling so much we had a travel themed wedding. We don’t travel full time, but believe that you can make travelling work for you multiple times a year if you save and research well enough. We are budget travelers. We do like nice things and going to nice restaurants and hotels, but not every time. Other times we would rather stay at a cheaper hotel or a bed and breakfast, eat cheaper, and do more things.

We’ll travel the world together. There’s no other time in our lives that we can do this, so we’re going for it!


Why We Started This Blog:

We are embarking on a nomad lifestyle for 2016 and beyond. We’re going to be traveling all around the U.S. and other areas of the world. Amanda is an Occupational Therapist (OT) and she’ll be doing travel OT and Steve just needs a wifi connection and a laptop.Travel OT affords Amanda the ability to travel while still continuing her career as an OT which she loves.  We have traveled a lot, together and separately, and have learned so much through the years. We knew that life only gets harder and busier once you get a house and start to have little ones, so while we’re still relatively young we decided to take a leap of faith together and travel the world. There’s no other time in our lives that we can do this, so we’re going for it!


What You’ll Get When You Read Our Blog:

We’re young professionals who love to travel, eat, explore, have a drink (or three). We’re going to write about our travels, our journey, and the lessons learned from the past, present and future.. We want our blog to have a tone of a friend. One where you are asking your friends or family member “ Hey, what did you think of this place?” and you get a real down to earth truthful opinion. We always love to hear from everyone, so join in on the conversation and let us know what you think!

We hope to inspire you to take a leap, step out of your comfort zone, and help you live a wonderful life of culture, experiences, and extraordinary memories.


Thanks For Reading!
Amanda & Steve



“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”
– Anonymous

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