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5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job To Become a Travel Therapist/Nurse

Did you ever feel as though you love what you do, but feel as though there has to be more out there? There has to be more than just waking up, going to work, coming home, doing chores and then repeat every day. I started to have those feelings for a while and I woke up one morning and said to my husband, “Let’s make a change, let’s do something different with our lives”. We are at a point in our life where we don’t have anything holding us back; no mortgage and no kids,

The Liebster Award

We are so honored and excited to be nominated for the Liebster Award this year by the wonderful travel bloggers Ash and Kile Brewer! They are a traveling married couple from Portland, Oregon! We are so touched by what they wrote about us and happy that they got what we are trying to portray with our blog! What we love the most about them is that they are basically us! Initially struggling millennials with copious amount of loans, working everyday and wanting more from life! They are currently traveling around the world and in Bali

5 Best Places To Eat On a Budget in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is expensive, very expensive. You can spend thousands just on food. Unfortunately your hotel knows that you are on a island and it is convenient to just eat at the hotel, so they hike up the price for that delicious fresh fish. BUT you know better!! Here are 5 places you can eat on a budget and have the best meals in Bora Bora at these local restaurants. If you make reservations the restaurants will pick you up and take you to the restaurant once you take the ferry over to the main

7 Ways to have a Bora Bora Vacation on a Budget

1. Hotel Deals Take a look for any deals that hotels have going on. When we booked our vacation, there was a buy 4 nights get the 5th night for free deal. We also got free breakfast! It was what pushed us to book our trip 5 nights in paradise. 2. Eat outside of your hotel Take a look at our post on 5 Best Places to eat on a dime in Bora Bora. These restaurants are significantly cheaper and in our opinion the food is better. We ate at our hotel one night for

A Weekend in San Diego

San Diego is a beautiful city full of culture, amazing restaurants, nightlife, and so much to see and do! There is no way to you can see and do all that there is to do in San Diego in 2 days.. but we have narrowed it down to the perfect weekend to experience the best there is in San Diego Day 1: Start your wonderful San Diego weekend by heading to the San Diego Zoo. The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest and most popular zoos in america! This wonderful zoo is nestled

5 Ways To Avoid a Flying Disaster

I joke with my husband that he is a traveling jinx. Majority of the time when I travel with him or he travels alone something bad happens with his flight. We are talking delayed flights, missed flights, lost luggage, missed connections etc. On the bright side, because of this and other stories I have heard, I have learned strategies on avoiding a flying a disaster. 1) Pack a good carry on Situation: After I passed my board exam to be an occupational therapist, Stephen and I went to Italy. I saved for two years and

How To Spend 3 Days in Tobago

My wonderful husband gave me a wedding gift he knew I would love: A trip. If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of real life for a long weekend, Tobago is your place. This small island in the Caribbean is a great quick getaway. It’s known for its beautiful beaches and quiet ambiance. There are great restaurants, fresh fruits, rainforests and friendly people. We spent three days in Tobago and had the best combination of relaxation and fun! Where we stayed: We stayed at Bacolet Beach Club. It was a nice boutique

A Couples Guide To Napa Valley In Two Days

On our Honeymoon, we stopped in Napa Valley for two days filled with wine tasting and eating some great food. If anyone knows anything about me, they know that wineries and wine tasting (and well wine for that matter..) are one of my favorite things! I did months and months of research to narrow down all the amazing restaurants and wineries that Napa has to offer. Here is our perfect two days in Napa! Where we stayed! We stayed at the Napa Valley Lodge! We loved it!! It was very quaint and we loved the

How to Road Trip Across the U.S. On a Budget

At first when I realized we were going across the country from Pennsylvania to California, I thought of all these awesome places I wanted to go! New Orleans, Savannah, Austin, Las Vegas, Phoenix etc . I started to plan it out, but when I did the math, just gas and hotels was over $1,000!!! We definitely couldn’t afford that, especially since we had to pay for a new apartment and getting settled in California when we get there! I had to scale it back, I had to pick only a few places and still plan

Hollywood In 1 Day!

Hiking up the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood BLVD We decided we wanted to take a day trip  to Hollywood. We knew that there is so much  to see and do, but we only had one day, so this time around we decided to do some hiking and see the Hollywood sign. Before we began our one day itinerary for the Hollywood sign, I looked up some fun facts about Hollywood and the sign! Hollywood is an area of Los Angeles, made famous by the film industry. The film industry has been in Hollywood since